Employment Application (print & bring in to shop)

Indigo Tea Company

Part-Time Employment Application (year round, not a summer job)

Job Description: Part-time tea barista preparing tea drinks, bagging teas, cleaning shop, mopping floors, restocking products and foods, selling teas and accessories to the public. The job also includes opening and closing shop. Employee must be able to multi-task and be able to lift tea containers or trays of dishes 10-20 lbs. 

Applicant Information

Applicant Name ___________________

Age _____________________________
Home Phone ______________________
Cell Phone _______________________
E-mail Address ____________________

Current Address:
City __________________________________
State & Zip ____________________________

Why do you want to work at Indigo Tea Co.? (circle) Need money, job experience, other reason____________________________________________

This is mostly a weekend job, but sometimes weekday afternoons. Are you available on these days for work? Are you flexible on hours? ___________________________________

The tea house is especially busy around major holidays; are you able to work during those times? _______________________________________

How many hours per week can you work? How many do you hope to work? _______________

Do you have another job? Where? ______________________

If hired, on what date can you start working? ___ / ___ / ___

What outside school, sports, music, or family activities do you have on weekends, which might affect your schedule?____________________________________________________________


Employment History:

Present Or Last Position:

Employer: _____________________________________________________


From: ______________ To: ______________

Responsibilities: ____________________________________________


Education, Training and Experience

High School:
School name & city: ________________________
Year in school (circle):  Freshman   Sophomore    Junior     Senior
Did you graduate? [  ] Y or [  ] N

College / University (if applicable):
School name: __________________________
Year in school (circle):  Freshman   Sophomore    Junior     Senior
School city, state:________________________________                                              Number of years completed: ________
Did you graduate? [  ] Y or [  ] N
Degree / diploma earned: __________________

Signature and Date: ______________________