About us/Hours

Tea drinkers are attracted to the great taste of tea, and also its rich cultural traditions.

Over the years, we've spent many hours in the tea houses of East Asia sitting on tatami rice mats, sipping tea, and wondering why it was so difficult to find such places in America. Times have changed. In the past few years, Americans have begun to discover the many benefits of tea: health, relaxation, tradition, and delicious taste.

In 2003, we opened Indigo Tea Co. with a goal to advance the “tea lifestyle” of relaxation, simplicity, and good living. Our teas are high quality, yet reasonably priced, so you can afford to drink good tea every day. We carefully sample each tea and purchase direct from growers in Asia or from large importers.

Indigo Tea Co. - Tea House

Retail Hours: Mon-Sat 9 am - 6 pm, Sunday 10 am - 5 pm

If you're in the south Twin Cities area, stop in and enjoy a pot of tea and some of our scones, muffins, cakes, and light sandwiches. Seating includes a "European" section with wood chairs and tables, and an "Asian" section with tatami rice mats and pillows.