The scoop on tea and health

December 17, 2016

What’s the scoop on health and tea? In a nutshell: black tea may prevent strokes and heart attacks; green tea may prevent cancer, inflammation, diabetes, as well as help for weight loss; both provide hydration.

Anti-oxidants?  Your cells are always being damaged by the environment and through normal living (digestion, ageing, etc.). To help prevent this damage, you need anti-oxidants. Tea has polyphenols (chemical compounds) that act as anti-oxidants which prevent damage to cells. One kind of polyphenols, called catechins, are great anti-oxidants. Green tea catechins called EGCG are unique and believed to be especially good at preventing or even stopping cancer from growing. Tea is also good for vitamin C, weight loss, fluoride, etc.  Black tea has fewer anti-oxidants, but it’s compounds may clean and strengthen arteries.

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